Shapes peg puzzle game

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We teach our children a variety of things, with shapes being one among them. Shapes are beneficial not only in subsequent math subjects such as geometry, but also in their writing abilities.

Kids examine many objects in their environment in order to have a better understanding of their surroundings. Shape learning is aided by a variety of items and structures.

As a parent, you should begin introducing various shapes to your children at a young age. There are a variety of kindergarten shapes activities that can help children in learning and understanding basic shapes. 

We recently did an activity where in I introduced 10 basic shapes to Miss M, and it was super fun and she enjoyed learning.

Why teaching shapes is important?
  1. Helps in Visual Discrimination.
  2. Helps in problem solving.
  3. Helps in Maths such as Geometry.
  4. Letter Recognition.
About Shapes Game

The Shapes Game is created to aid kids with recognising the shapes of everyday things such as clocks, doors, and windows.

In this game, I’ve placed several objects around the shape, and the kids must figure out which objects represent that shape and place peg pins on top of them.

It’s both a fun and educational game.

How to Play
  1. Take the printout of the worksheet. I have two versions of the shapes, one with 2 shapes per page and one with 1 shape per page. You can choose as per your convenience. Checkout this amazing printer.
  2. Laminate the sheets durability. Checkout this amazing laminator.
  3. Get some peg pins, and ask you kid to identify the related object and place peg pins over it.
  4. Alternatively you can use some marble or stones for the selection.


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