Shapes activities for kids

preschool Activities with Shapes
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Shapes activities can be learning about shapes or tracing them or colouring them. We should also teach our kids to relate to objects in real life to its shape like clock is circle, painting is rectangle, window is square etc.

Here are few activities that will help in shape identification.

Shape Maze
shapes maze
Colour according to shape​

In this activity identify the shape of objects and colour them accordingly.

Count and colour the box

In this activity count each shape and then colour the number of boxes corresponding to that shape.

Trace shape and colour decode them

This is good prewriting activity for preschoolers. In this activity kids need to trace the shape and then identify the colour of each shape and colour them.

Complete the shapes

It is the tracing activity for preschool kids. Kids need to trace the shapes and complete them and then colour them.

Trace and complete the pattern

In this activity kids need to trace the shapes and then complete the pattern of shapes.

Paint The castle

Fun Painting activity with shapes where kids need to identify the shapes and their colour and then fill the castle.

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