Tracing worksheets for kids

tracing worksheet
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Tracing is an important prewriting skill. Kids need to learn to trace various lines first before the start writing alphabets and numbers.

Kids usually find the tracing activity boring and runs away from it. 

I have created this fun loving tracing activity with a twist in it. I am sure your kids gonna love it too.

Things Required:
  • Printout of the worksheet
  • Lamination
  • Marker
How to use worksheet
  • Take a printout of the template. Take a look at the printer that we use.
  • Take a printout of the direction cards.
  • Laminate the tracing worksheet to make it reusable.
  • Pick a card and trace according to the path. Suppose there is green yellow blue, so trace from green to yellow, then yellow to blue.
tracing worksheet
Skills Learned
  • Cognitive Skill
  • Problem solving
  • Pre writing skill
  • Logical thinking

You can download the worksheet here.

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