About me

Hi, I am Vyakhya, mom of a 2yr daughter.


I am a former software engineer and now a happy stay at home mom. I love spending time, hearing her giggles all the time, and seeing her grow and learn new things. When Mishika was 1.5 years old, I came to know about how important is early education, Thats when I started doing these simple DIY activities with her. Mishika loves all the activities and I too enjoy that ‘us’ moment of ours. I really like this way of teaching kids through play.

 Mishika was always an active child and I use to run out of ideas to keep her engage, this is when I met people on instagram who were so involved in daily activities, they motivated me and also gave me trewasure of ideas to engage Mishika. My next step was to create a platform where I can save all these ideas which can further help other moms, and thus KuriousMom was born.

I try to help all moms in providing many activities which can help in early skill development. Also these activities are not just learning but it also creates a bond between the child and the mom. Hope you enjoy all the activities.

Happy playing..!!