Merge and complete the blocks- Brain booster activity for kids

Merge and complete the blocks
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Brain-boosting activities for children are indispensable for holistic development. These activities serve as catalysts for nurturing crucial cognitive skills such as critical thinking, memory retention, and creativity. They not only enhance academic performance but also lay the groundwork for a lifetime of learning.

Firstly, they stimulate critical thinking, enabling children to analyze information, make informed decisions, and tackle complex problems effectively. This proficiency not only aids in academic success but also equips them for real-world challenges.


Furthermore, brain-boosting activities enhance memory capabilities, which are essential for excelling academically and retaining knowledge.


Moreover, these activities promote creativity, encouraging children to explore their imaginative potential through various mediums like art, music, and storytelling. This creativity extends to innovative problem-solving and novel approaches to tasks.


Overall, these cognitive skills, honed through brain-boosting activities, translate into improved academic performance and a lifelong passion for learning. They equip children with the intellectual tools and mindset needed for academic excellence and continuous personal growth.

Things Required:
  • Printout of the worksheet
  • Pencil
  • Colours
How to use worksheet
  • Take a printout of the template. 
  • There are 2 sheets one is for reference and other is worksheet.
  • It has 2 connected blocks one with pattern and another one with colour.
  • To solve the equation find the middle pattern and colour for the given pattern and colour.
  • Fists take a look at the 2 connected pattern and find the middle one and draw the pattern. Then find the middle colour of the given colours and colour the block.
Merge and complete the blocks
Skills Learned
  • Cognitive Skill
  • Problem solving
  • Logical thinking

You can download the worksheet here.

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