Alphabet objects match worksheet

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Does your kids know how to read and write the alphabet? Are they familiar with the small and big alphabets and can correctly match them? Check out this fantastic firefighter alphabet matching activity, which I am sure your kids will like.

Learning the alphabet is vital and fun since it can be used to connect everything in our lives. We can build a variety of fun games for kids, such as a train alphabet activity.

What's in the activity ?
  1. There are 26 baskets corresponding to each alphabet. 
  2. Also there are 26 objects that need to be placed in those baskets.
  3. Cut the objects and paste on the corresponding alphabet basket.
  4. We use this printer and it’s amazing. You can also laminate the sheets and stick the velcro dots for multiple use.
How is this game helpful?
  1. Alphabet recognition
  2. Hand eye coordination while pasting the object over the basket.
  3. Vocabulary

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