Fire Fighter Alphabet match

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For children, learning the alphabet is quite difficult. To master it, they’ll need a lot more practice. They must learn to distinguish between the capital and small alphabets, as well as how to match capital to small and vice versa.

I’ve created a fun alphabet match with a pleasant theme for kids to enjoy while learning. These printable include both capital and small alphabets, as well as fire and firefighting equipment. You can take out printout as per your preferences.

How to perform this activity
  • The worksheet includes capital and small fire alphabets, as well as firefighting equipment with the alphabets.
  • Take a printout according to your preferences.
  • Allow your child to take on the role of firefighter and assist in the extinguishing of the fire.
  • Matching capital to capital, small to small, capital to small, or small to capital alphabets can put out a fire.
  • Tell the kid about the many methods used to put out the fire.
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