Learn shapes and colours with dough

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In this activity, I have combined the colours and shapes and used dough for for this activity. This is such a simple activity with no preparation at all. 


So the story behind this activity is Miss M lives to play with dough, it’s her favourite among all toys. so I always try to make the best use of dough so that she will learn and enjoy both at the same time.

Make your own dough shape

Things Required:
  •  Dough
  • Pompom
  •  Make some basic shapes with different colour dough like a red triangle, red square, green circle, yellow square etc.
  • Take some pompom in a box and instruct your kid to do as per your instruction.

  • You can say “place yellow pompom in blue circle” or ” place orange pom-pom in a green circle”.

  • Let your kid listen and analyse and then perform the action.

Skills learned
  •  Fine motor skill
  • Colour recognition

  • Shape recognition

  • Listening skill

  • Cognitive skill

  • Language development

Do try this fun activity, and let us know in comment section. Happy playing..!!

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