Big and small activity for kids with dough

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The dough is one of the best sensory materials to play with. So I am back again with a simple no preparation activity to learn the concept of big and small.

Make your own big small activity

Things Required:
  •  3-4 Colour dough


  • First, make small and big balls of all the colours. Make multiple balls of each colour.
  • Place all the balls on a board. 
  • Teach your kid big and small concepts and tell them which ball is big and which ball is small. 
  • Now I ask your kids to sort the balls according to their sizes, place Big Balls on one side and small balls on the other side. 
  • Once this activity is done we can play Other games with the same objects.
  • Later in this activity, we can also play instruction games. In this just ask your kid to give you the desired colour and size ball like ok ok give me a big red ball or give me a small blue ball.
Skills learned
  • Big and small recognition.
  • colour recognition.
  •  cognitive skill.
  • language development.

Do try this fun activity, and let us know in comment section. Happy playing..!!

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