Easy Fine motor skill activity with a bottle

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We all know that fine motor skills are very important in our daily life and we can only improve it by one and only one thing thats practice. So lets make a simple activity and develop fine motor skill.

We all have a lot of empty plastic bottles which we tend to throw away or make a DIY for home decor or simply use it as a normal water bottle. But do we know that we can make an engaging activity for toddlers from them. 

The attention span of toddlers is very less but this activity keeps them engaged for a long time. We just need few things from our kitchen like beans, cereals or pasta. This activity is great for developing fine motor skills.

Kids love sensory play, and different variety of beans attract them to play more. They want to pick and play with it. We just need to use this interest of toddlers to turn into a skilful play. 

Make sure to add this fine motor activity to your list.

Make your fine motor bottle activity

Things Required:
  • 1 Empty plastic bottle
  • Different types of beans 
  • Mix 3-4 type of beans in a bowl and ask your kid to pick one by one and put inside the bottle. 
  • They will pick beans one by one and thus enhancing their finger skill or fine motor skill and with help of their hand eye coordination they will insert in the bottle.
fine motor skill, bottle activity, preschool activity

Its a fun activity which kids enjoy a lot. Once all the beans are inside the bottle then it behaves as a musical play and kids love to shake the bottle and hear it more. And then this process just goes on of inserting and removing the beans.

Do try this fun activity, and let us know in comment section. Happy playing..!!

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fine motor skill, bottle activity, preschool activity

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fine motor skill, bottle activity, preschool activity

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