simple Sorting activity with beans/pasta/cereals

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This activity was created by Miss M while I was busy in the kitchen work. I always use to give her some utensils and puffed rice while I cook. She loves to stir and pretend to cook using those utensils. 

One day I gave her mixture of some paste and beans, thinking this might be a change for her. She loved the new play. But to my surprise after she was bored of cooking, she started sorting out the beans and pasta. 

We can always make some fun activities with easily available household things. We don’t need to make any preparation for this activity. Attention span of toddlers is very less but this activity keeps them engaged for a long time. 

Make sure to add this fine motor activity to your list.

Make your fine motor activity

Things Required:
  • Different types of beans

Mix 3-4 type of beans in a bowl and ask your kid to separate them.

Kids love sensory play, and different variety of beans attract them to play more. They want to pick and play with it. We just need to use this interest of toddlers to turn into a skillful play. 

Its a fun activity which kids enjoy a lot. It helps in fine motor skills and cognitive skills. They differentiate between different types of beans by their shape, size, color, texture.

Do try this activity with your kids, it will be a real fun. Let us know in the comments below, we would love to hear..!!

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