Learn to count with popsticles

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Kids are mostly attracted towards the colourful popsticles. They enjoy doing activities with them. I have always involved Miss M in preparation of all the activities like in this case making of coloured popsticles. She loved colouring them to and fro. And once you are involved in preparation, you enjoy the activity more than anything. 

Learning maths is always a tough task for everyone, so why not make it colourful with these colours.

Make your own count with popsticles

Things Required:
  • popsticles
  • colours
  • cardboard
  • paper
  • Take help from your kiddo to make colourful popsticles. Make each number to a different colour so that it becomes easy for kids to identify and match. For example 1 blue, 2 green, 3 red etc.
  • take the cardboard and stick the paper to it.
  • Write the number 1-3 or 1-5.
  • Trace the popsticle count against each number in different colour, like colour of 1 should be different from that of 2.
  • Mix all the popsticles and give it to kid to match and count.
  • Start with one number at a time.
Skills learned
  • ¬†Count the numbers
  • Colour matching
  • Cognitive skills

Do try this fun activity, and let us know in comment section. Happy playing..!!

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