Hit the cups with the ball

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wow its a ball game, I love to play with the ball.

In this pandemic when kids are inside and wanna play with the ball then this simple DIY game works best for them. Miss M was so excited for this game.

To make it more interesting I asked Miss M to colour the cups with the colours of her own choice.

She helped me in hanging them too by applying tape. Doesn’t it sounds so much fun, indeed it was. It was a total fun activity not only in making but also in playing.

Make your own ball game

Things Required:
  •  ball
  • thread
  • tape
  • colours
  • plastic cups
  •  Take 3 or more cups and colour them to give them a bright look.
  • Make a hole in the cups and hand them below a chair or table with the help of thread and tape.
  • Hand all the cups at different heights to make it more interesting.
  • Take a ball and try to hit the desired colour and then the fun game begins.
Skills learned
  •  Gross motor skill as kid try to hit the cups.
  • Concentration as kids try to focus to one colour cup.
  • Hand eye coordination to throw the ball in the correct directions

Do try this fun activity, and let us know in comment section. Happy playing..!!

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