Number Memory Game

number memory game
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Memory games can be made interesting by adding simple twists to it. Here I have added a twist that not finding the same number but finding the number and its dice. Means kids need not open 1 -1 but 1 and dice with 1 dot. Isn’t it interesting?

Things Required:
  • Printout of the worksheet
  • Laminator
  • Scissors
number memory game
How to use worksheet
  • Take a printout of the template. Take a look at the printer that we use.
  • Laminate the sheet for better usage.
  • Cut the numbers and dice and arrange them randomly.
  • Kid needs to open the number card or dice card and then open the second card with same dice or number. So instead of matching the same numbers, we are matching number to dice and vice versa.
Skills Learned
  • Numbers
  • Memory enhancement.

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