Animal rescue from masking tape- vertical play

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Miss M loves to play with the animal figures, she just wants to play them everyday, sometimes pretend play and sometimes learning. So I created this simple pretend play for her, in which she has to rescue the animals from the masking tape. 

I narrated her the story that one day all the animals were enjoying in the jungle, they were dancing and singing and then suddenly a hunter came and he fired his gun and all animals got stuck with the tape. Now all animals are crying for help, will you help them to rescue?

She was super excited for this activity. So here goes the activity:

Make your animal rescue activity

Things Required:
  • animals figuries
  • masking tape
  •  Stick the animals to wall or wardrobe initially with single tape and as kid grows we can use two tapes crisscross.
  • For smaller kids 1yr we can simple leave them explore and take out masking tape.
  • For 1.5 yr kid we can ask the kid to rescue a particular animal like ” Lets rescue lion” or ” give me lion”.
Skills learned
  • It is a great fine motor practice and a good way to strengthen those cute little fingers.
  • It helps in learning animals and an easy way to know that your child has learnt it or not.
  • Wall play is a great activity to strengthen the hand muscles.

Do try this fun activity, and let us know in comment section. Happy playing..!!

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