Bandage Matching to bruise- pattern matching game

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One day when Miss M was busy playing her doctor set, I thought why not make an activity which will be a practical skill and she can relate it to her play.

 In this simple activity I made some bruises on boy’s body and made same symbols on the bandage (masking tape). I told miss M that the boy has got hurt and you need to apply bandage. This activity added to her pretend play and she enjoyed a lot.

Make your pattern matching activity

Things Required:
  • paper
  • colours
  • masking tape
Pattern Matching activity with Symbols
  • Draw a boy figure on a paper.
  • Draw some symbols on boy’s body as bruises.
  • Draw the same symbols on the masking tape which will act like the bandage.
  • Ask your kid to apply bandage on the body parts and also  name the body part.
  • You can also ask your kid to say “cure” when the apply bandage.
  • Tell them the bandages cure the bruise and whenever we get hurt we need to ho to the doctor.
Skills learned
  • It is a great fine motor practice as peeling the masking tape and placing at the correct position helps to enhance it.
  • It helps in cognitive skill as kid is learning to match the patterns

Do try this fun activity, and let us know in comment section. Happy playing..!!

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