simple and vertical play activity with foam letters

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Miss M loves to play with water, she loves splashing, pouring water from one cup to another, throwing water, washing her toys, in short any activity which has watewr she will love it. So I bought these foam letters so that she can learn by playing with her favourite mode ie water.

Make your vertical activity

Things Required:
  • foam letters
  • mug of water
vertical play avtivity, fine motor skill, alphabet
  • Dip the letters in a mug of water so that they are wet.
  • wet foam letters stick to any wall or mirror.
  • Ask your kid to say the name of the letter they areĀ  putting.
  • You can also ask an object related to that letter.
vertical play activity, fine motor skill, alphabet
Skills learned
  • It helps in recognition of alphabets/numbers
  • It helps in their fine motor skills as the kid is using his two fingers for sticking the letter to wall.
  • It helps in vertical play which enhances wrist muscles and further helps in writing/drawing.

Do try this fun activity, and let us know in comment section. Happy playing..!!

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