Simple play with velcro fruits and vegetables toy

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Velcro fruits and vegetables are loved by all kids. They are so colourful that they attract all kids. They are good for fine motor activity too as kids separate and stick the pieces of the fruits together, kids love fruits and vegetables names with it, they know the structure of each fruit. Also it is a good cognitive skill toy as kid matches the parts of the fruits.

Miss M loves to play riddles with velcro fruits and vegetables, like I ask her ” give me. a fruit that is red inside and green outside and is circle (or sphere) in shape” “Its a watermelon”. See it’s so simple to create a new play with old toys.

In this activity I have mismatched the fruits and created the new fruit all together. And its so fun to name them and recognise the new fruits parts

Make your own play with velcro fruits and vegetables

Things Required:
velcro fruits vegetables
  • ¬†Mismatch the velcro fruits and vegetables and create a new fruit.
  • Now ask your kid “Give me a fruit that is half watermelon and half kiwi”
  • Give a name to this new fruits “Waterkiwi”.
Skills learned
  • ¬†Fruits recognisation
  • Language development
  • Cognitive skill when kid listens and identifies the correct fruit.

Do try this fun activity, and let us know in comment section. Happy playing..!!

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