Learn finger names

Finger names
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As children grow older, they learn about the major body parts such as the hands, legs, head, eyes, ears etc


We tell them that each hand has fingers. Do you know each finger has a different name.

There are five fingers on each hand:

  1. Thumb
  2. Index Finger
  3. Middle finger
  4. Ring Finger
  5. Little Finger
Finger names
What's in the worksheet?

The worksheet has:


2 outlines of the hand, one left hand and one right hand.

The names of each finger is mentioned in the sheet.

Finger names
How to use worksheet
  • Take a printout of the worksheet. Take a look at the printer that we use.
  • Dip one finger in the stamp and press it on the respective finger on the sheet. 
  • Do this activity for all 10 fingers and take the impressions.
  • Also discuss the names of each finger

You can download the worksheet here.

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