Mother’s day cards/poster

mother's day cards
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Moms are extremely important to us; they look after us, play with us, teach us new things, protect us, and so on.


Let’s give them these cards to make her happy. Her smile is priceless!!

Handmade cards are the greatest, and they’ll be even better if they’re handprinted with children’s little hands and feet.

mother's day cards
What's in the Template?

There are total 3 different templates where kids need to do hand stamping and complete the card. Belief me it will turn out to be the most beautiful cards.

mother's day cards
How to use worksheet
  • Take a printout of the template. Take a look at the printer that we use.
  • Apply paint on the hand and make butterfly or flower or sun.
  • Let it dry and its ready to be gifted to MOM.
Template 1: MOM you are my sunshine
Template 2: Flower Vase
Template 3: MOM you are my wings

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