Quick activity to rescue animals from mesh

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Miss M loves to play with the animal figures, she just wants to play them everyday, sometimes pretend play and sometimes learning. So I created this simple pretend play for her, in which she has to rescue the animals from the mesh. 

I narrated her the story that one day all the animals were enjoying in the jungle, they were dancing and singing and then suddenly a hunter came with a big net and he trapped all the animals in that net. Now all animals are crying for help, will you help them to rescue?

She was super excited for this activity. So here goes the activity:

Make your rescue activity

Things Required:
  • Animals figures
  • Wool/Yarn
  • A basket
fine motor skill, animals rescue, preschool activity
  •  Put all the animals in the basket and make a mesh with the yarn.
  • Ask your kid to help animals to rescue by putting his hand inside and taking out animals.
  • You also include a codeword like “HURRAY” when he rescues each animal.

Narrating a story helps them to relate better and it adds fun to the activity.

Do try this fun activity, and let us know in comment section. Happy playing..!!

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