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As Republic Day is approaching, we did this simple activity to learn about the flag of India. We have already learned about the national animal and bird of India which is Tiger and Peacock respectively.


India flag has mainly 3 colours saffron, white, and green and blue are in the Ashoka chakra.

Make your decoded flag

Things Required:
  •  Pompoms are white, green, orange, and blue.
  • A4 sheet
  • Marker
  • Colour pens orange, green, blue and black.

Also, check out the list of must-haves for DIY activities.

  •  Make a grid of 5*3, these numbers represent a colour code.
  • Write the colour code above the A4 sheet. 1 for orange, 2 for green, 3 for white, 4 for blue.
  • In the first line of the grid write 1 1 1 1 1, second 3 3 4 3 3, and last line with 2 2 2 2 2.
  • Now kid needs to read the number and place the respective colour pom-pom at that place.
  • The final result will be a beautiful Indian flag.
Skills learned
  • About India flag
  • Colour coding
  • Colour recognition
  • Cognitive skills
  • Fine motor skills
  • Language development

Do try this fun activity, and let us know in comment section. Happy playing..!!

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