Colour matching with popsicle preschool activity

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Colour matching is an engaging game with development of cognitive skills. All kids love identifying colours. Once kids learn to identify single colour we can go ahead and ask them to match the combination of two or more colours. Miss M just loves these types of games. 

Make your colour matching activity

Things Required:
  •  Popsicles
  • coloured paper
  • Glue
  • Scissor
  • Take 4 different colour papers and cut into 3*3 pieces.
  • take a popsicle and stick two different colour paper on each side.
  • You can prepare as many popsicles you want.
  • Draw the same colour pattern on the paper and let your kid match it.
Skills learned
  •  Colour identification
  • Cognitive skill development

Do try this fun activity, and let us know in comment section. Happy playing..!!

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