Name Christmas tree

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We love doing Christmas activities, whether it’s a craft or any learning activity. We are learning names with the Christmas tree. Isn’t it a great idea?  Let’s do it.

Make your own christmas tree

Things Required:
  • Green, yellow and brown paper
  • Scissor

  • Glue

  • Marker

  • Cut the green triangles for the tree. The number of triangles should be the same as the letters in the name.
  • Cut a yellow star and a brown trunk.

  • Place the green triangles in the order of letters of the name.

  • Place the star at the top and trunk below the tree.

  • Your name Christmas tree is ready.

Skills learned
  • Name recognition
  • Language development

  • Fine Motor skills as the kid try to stick the triangles of the tree.

Do try this fun activity, and let us know in comment section. Happy playing..!!

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