Christmas Free Printables

Christmas free printable worksheet for kids
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With Christmas around the corner, these worksheets will be real fun with the kids. Just download and enjoy them. It include many activities like tracing, colouring, brain booster activities, visual discrimination, counting etc.

christmas printable worksheet for kids
Whats included in the pack.?
  1. Color code Christmas tree
  2. Draw Circle
  3. Colour patterns
  4. Count and paste
  5. Trace Christmas tree
  6. Maze
  7. Even numbers
  8. Maze
  9. Roll dice and decorate Christmas tree
  10. Christmas Related
  11. Colour by number
  12. Decorate Wreath
  13. Colour Code
  14. Light up and see magic
  15. Find and count
  16. Pattern match
  17. Memory game
  18. Colour mixing
christmas printable worksheet for kids

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