Mystery box – easy way to engage kids by exploring things

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All kids love to explore, just give then a new object and see how long they can be engaged with that object. Same is with miss M she always use to open drawers, wardrobes to play with whats inside. Sometimes just opening the drawer gives her immense happiness that she has achieved something big. 

This super easy mystery box made her more curious to know whats inside. She use to open the flaps, put her hand inside and finally when  she use to get an object out it was like a magic for her.  

She was super excited for this activity. So here goes the activity:

Make your mystery box

Things Required:
  • A cardboard box
  • cutter
  • small objects/ toys
  • Cut the small flaps in the box, big enough for her hand to go inside, pick the object and take out.
  • place some small toys inside the box under the flaps so that kid can easily get it.
  • Tell your kid that there is a surprise just put your hand and get it.
  • Let them choose which flap to open, and let them open the flaps and take out the object.
  • Let your kid play with that object till the time he wants.
Skills learned
  • Flaps opening is a great fine motor skill.
  • Grasping an object and able to bring it out is a gross motor skill.

Do try this fun activity, and let us know in comment section. Happy playing..!!

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