Feed the Frog

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You’ve probably heard of the “feed the rabbit” or “feed the cow” games. Children enjoy feeding animals. They appreciate this activity as much as any other.

We also played this game, however it was a little different. Do you want to find out what it is?

With it, we included a visual discrimination activity as well as a counting activity. Isn’t it incredible?



Tell us why you’re performing visual discrimination in the first place.
Visual discrimination is a technique for identifying items based on their colour, size, pattern, shape, or any other feature.


What is the significance of numbers?
Counting is required at all times, and the only way to improve it is via practise. So, whenever practical, we strive to include counting.


Not only do kids enjoy visual discrimination or numbers with this exercise, but they also enjoy the fact that the frog eats insects. They no longer need to memorise these facts, and they can be simply remembered. Isn’t it a wonderful exercise with so many advantages?


Also, be sure to check out the printouts at the end so you can create your own activity.

Make your feed the frog activity

Things Required:
  •  A4paper
  • colour pens
Also, checkout the list of must haves for DIY activities.
  • You can either draw a frog picture on one page or use the printout.
  • On a different coloured page, draw some little insects.
  • Make several cards with the number and colour of each insect.
  • The child must select a card, examine it, and feed the frog the insects provided.
  • Allows children to count the insects they feed to the frog.
Skills learned
  •  Cognitive Skill
  • Visual Discrimination
  • Counting
  • About frogs food
  • Language 

You can download printable here.

Please try this entertaining activity and let us know what you think in the comments area. Have fun playing…!!

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